Among the fastest growing fields of medicine in the world, orthopaedics has become one of the cornerstones of healthcare.

At Good Luck Hospital, the Department of Orthopaedics comprises a large team of surgeons, physicians, physiotherapists, technicians and so on. From simple fracture fixation to complex arthroscopic procedures, our Ortho team is equipped with both the expertise and the technology to help patients in the best way possible. Thousands of patients have benefited from being treated by 3 of the Best Ortho Doctors In Coimbatore for knee and hip joint replacements carried out at our institution.

Many who suffer from sport-related injuries have benefited from advanced surgery such as ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery, PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) surgery, rotator cuff surgery and SAD (sub acromian decompression). We are also among the few institutions with expertise at polytrauma management with multiple teams working together to save patients suffering from multiple grievous injuries.

Our spine surgeries have saved many a victim of a crash and our specialised team of paediatric orthopaedic doctors provide excellent care to children.

Pelvic fracture fixation:

The pelvis is composed of three major bones which are held together by ligaments. In the case of serious falls or automobile accidents, the pelvis can be seriously injured. Pelvic injuries can prove to be lethal and it is imperative that the patient received treatment as quickly as possible. In the case of fractures, surgery is often vital. The bones may be re-aligned and held in place using external or internal ‘fixations’ – systems of pins, bars, rods and screws which are meant to hold the fractured pelvis in place while it heals. Our orthopaedics team has provided critical care to number of patients suffering from pelvis fractures.

Spine fracture management:

Fractures of the spine can be terrifying, excruciatingly painful and have devastating consequences. Emergency treatment can be vital to saving and preserving movement and, therefore, a decent quality of life for the patient. Many a car or motorcycle crash victim has been saved from a life of paralysis by our experts. Our advanced trauma treatment protocols ensure that spinal trauma is properly diagnosed, well-managed and surgically treated in the least amount of time.

Polytrauma management:

Polytrauma means exactly what it sounds like – injuries to multiple areas of the body. It is actually defined as injury to two body cavities or injury to one body cavity and at least two long bones. Injury to the spine and an unstable pelvis are treated as equivalent to a body cavity. In short, these are severe, frightening injuries which have a high mortality rate if not treated quickly and in the right manner. Treatment of polytrauma requires excellence in stabilisation, skill in diagnosis, speed and precision of execution and co-ordination between multiple teams. For these injuries surgeons of different specialities work together along with trauma teams and diagnosticians to provide the best results. We at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital take great pride in our orthopaedics team and their success at treating patients with polytrauma.

Complex intra-articular fracture fixation surgery:

An intra-articular fracture is far more complex and serious than the average fracture. Basically it is a fracture which somehow involves the space of a joint. While this might seem no different than any other, it takes on greater significance because of the way joints are formed and the way they function. A normal joint contains cartilage which overlays smooth surfaces of bone. This allows it to ‘articulate’ or move smoothly with comparatively little stress. When an intra-articular break heals, it may create uneven surfaces within the joint. Over the long-term this can cause enough stress to the joint for it to deteriorate. Cartilage may wear down, there may be tiny pieces which break due to abrasion and so on. This can lead to chronic pain and limited movement. The problem can become bad enough for it to require further surgery and even possibly a joint replacement. All this may be avoided if the fracture is fixed using advanced surgical techniques. Our team of orthopaedic surgeons conduct intra-articular fracture fixation surgeries with regularity, thereby ensuring a long and pain-free use of the fractured joint.